There are endless opportunities to blog on the Internet on almost any subject. The intention here is to create a chance for you to give your views, beliefs comments and experiences, a chance to ask questions and receive replies. I would like to start with a small offering first posted to the Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Science on the evidence for Reincarnation.

Dr. Ian Stevenson did a great deal of work investigating the past-life memories of children. This is hardly new and is now an established part of the literature.
What is interesting is the commentary on Stevenson's evidence by a Philosophy professor at Georgia State University. You can see and hear it for yourself on
So now it's official - it's 'irrational' not to believe in reincarnation. And as a result (one amongst many) we can regard most if not all modern Psychology, academic and clinical, as gravely, maybe fatally flawed; only Jungian theory stands out as an exception.

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